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Towards A Critique of NewColonial Manifestation – Introduction


I’ve never been that interested in the political.
Why? Because it did not seem to bear any relation to how I thought and felt. It was premised on issues that presupposed a host of unreasonable behaviours, beliefs, and impositions. Events of the last six years have emphasised the importance of the ‘political’. Institutions, both formal and informal, their interplays and (historical) effects, have become of interest, relevant to personal being and living.

I now feel it might be worth expressing those possibilities that are other than ‘received understandings’; perhaps other than the language of conventional ‘positions’ which have thus far constituted the manifest contentions of sociopolitical scenography. If only to register the fulfilment of any ‘social responsibility’ that subscribers of the partisan are wont to demand.
As my conventional competence in these areas is minimal, due to former disinterest, my interventions might seem strange.


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