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Possibilities of Thought


 Thought is…?
Already, it begins, the question that requests a presentation, demanding a litany of objects, of ‘knowns’, and a configuration of this litany according to a novel combinatorics, in the hope that such arrangements might produce a fresh series of effects: the ‘growth’ of ‘culture’, the extension of ‘knowledge’, the ontico-epistemic expansion of the territories of ‘Being’…?
All worthy projects, ‘no doubt’?

   Philosophy, in its institutional forms, has been busy archiving, classifying, and otherwise industrialising, the driven contemplations of various canonical traditions, as grist for the mill of future recombinant streams of commodified ‘wisdom’: a grist that will sustain the perennial tensions of these venerated traditions, with new brands of ‘logic’, intensified ‘epistemologies’, concentrated ‘ontologies’, nouveau-‘mysticisms’, etc.. All of this, circulating within the same circles of interpretation; playing the same topoi; in rhetorical oscillations, where the current jargons of reduction will scintillate with the shine of ‘progress’. A ‘progress’ in which the same, age-old platitudes can be uttered incessantly, as if they were unearthly revelations, never before thought or expressed.
   All this, we have seen, and it has not proved sufficient.

   Tracing the contours of this insufficiency, so as to free us from its net, is one of the tasks to be accomplished. It is not an easy task, there is considerable work involved, but the parameters are readily apparent, the leap out of the net can be made.




  1. All this, we have seen, and it has not proved sufficient. With this I’ll agree… Sounds like your back to Critique in whatever measure of risk that may entail. Good luck! I mentioned Ray Brassier in another post, but it is worthwhile to mention that he might be a good place to start for this type of pursuit. His Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction is a short critique of many of the current trends…

    • Ray Brassier seems to be an honest thinker, from what I’ve gathered so far. I might not agree with this or that, idea or approach, but his integrity is obvious.

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